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-Gramiksha • June 1, 2020

-Every front line worker to us

“Doing unto others”, in essence, helping one another is one of the most overwhelming and fulfilling feelings. Here at Gramiksha (a Non-Governmental Organization), we work towards serving mankind with utmost zeal and passion to help make a difference in the society.

The entire world is sailing close to the wind as Covid-19 has turned out to be something inconceivable, more like a nightmare to the mass.  Since the outbreak of COVID-19, our Frontline Warriors - Police Officials, Doctors, Nurses, Reporters, and other Personnel are risking their lives to save ours. During such dire circumstances, our devout young leaders at Gramiksha strive to be the bulwark against infection, to protect our Corona Warriors.

Face shields form an integral component of the Personal Protective Equipment Kit (PPE Kit) that is essential for all Frontline Warriors and must be available at every workplace. With the help of Face shields, one can protect the entire face from getting exposed to any infection. It is also of high utility in providing protection against harmful physical contact with anyone. Interestingly, unlike masks, they are endlessly reusable and easy to disinfect.

During the wake of scarcity in the supply of Face shields, our volunteers worked relentlessly in assembling the same to safeguard our Warriors, who are facing the pandemic head-on.

Seeing our Front liners sacrifices their lives every day, only to protect our safety and well-being at home, during the COVID 19 crisis motivated me to fight for our heroes, along with them. I’m really grateful to all the vendors who helped us by providing OHP Sheets, Elastic Bands & MDF Sheets, in time so that we could assemble the Face shields using these raw materials and deliver the same on time.” – says Mohit Gupta, who is actively working towards producing Face shields for our Heroes so that they are armored while fighting the battle.

Gramiksha has successfully produced 7000 Face shields and donated 6000+ Face shields across the cities of – Indore, Gwalior, Jammu, and Bhopal. We have been able to achieve this milestone by the constant support of our suppliers, hard-working team members, and gracious supporters who considered donating for a cause in support of our Face shields Campaign. The harder they work, the greater is the feeling of achievement.

It requires immense courage to leave one's family only to work tirelessly for long hours to protect the lives of many others. Just for once, put yourselves in the shoe of these warriors, who have left their families behind, working for long hours without even giving a single thought to their own safety; blood-curdling, right?  Yet, it does not pull them down in any way to continue to discharge their duties bravely. We don’t always need to have deep pockets to help someone; a heart full of love and empathy would automatically drive you to take up every possible measure for anyone.

We may not even be able to completely understand what our Warriors and their families go through during such trying times. But today and every day, we can stand up together with a heart full of love and empathy in support of our Heroes and their families. If you think you’ve got the courage to stand and help the destitute, go ahead and be a great addition to the organization.    

“We rise by lifting others.”