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International Women's Day: One of 365 Women's Days

-Tanmay Shanker • March 8, 2018

In 1910, the International Women's Conference declared 8th March as International Women's Day. The United Nations adopted it in 1975. Since then, we have never looked back. International Women's Day commemorates the movement for women's rights and celebrates women. Its a day when women worldwide campaign for their rights and liberties. Since the turn of the century, conversations about women empowerment have taken the spotlight. Their effect has increased due to the reach of social media. With campaigns like #MeToo and Time's Up, women have expressed their grievances more directly than ever before.  In my opinion, women having equal rights as men arises from common sense. From ancient times, there have been many cases of discrimination against women, but it is hard to find any logic supporting these cases. Though we have done away with many of our past misdeeds, it is truly unfortunate that this mindset still prevails.

Women's Day and Gramiksha

At Gramiksha, we believe in setting an example for women empowerment. We strive to be leaders in showing that women are on the same pedestal as men; the only difference being physiological. Not only are women a large part of our volunteer base, but a lot of our national and city heads are females. Women work actively all around Gramiksha to make a change. Talking to our National Social Media Manager, Sohi Sudhir, we learn first hand about how a woman feels in Gramiksha. Having worked at every level in Gramiksha's hierarchy, Sohi tells us that hard work is the only way to be noticed in Gramiksha, regardless of sex. It is also significant that our National Head is a woman, she quotes. The most important way by which we further our aim is by teaching about women in schools. Many children come from orthodox families, and don't understand the role and position of women in society. This stigma is instantly dispelled when they are taught by young women, in a fun and interactive way. We entirely eradicate it when the they're taught about the great things women have done, and the equal importance of women and men. Progressive ideas about women are ingrained in them. Thus, to erase these beliefs it is vital we educate people against them from a young age. When we teach our students about women empowerment by both women and men, they can clearly see that there is no disparity. They go home and teach their parents these lessons, and thus by educating a child, we educate a family. By creating this chain of education, we are creating a community of liberal minds. This is how we lead by example.

Women's Day Daily

We cannot erase gender disparity overnight. We have made progress as a race. Women now hold important positions globally; greater numbers of women get education every year. Having said that, unequal pay as men for women is still a rampant issue. Although the problems faced by women have such contradictions, days like today serve to fight them. We must work together to ensure a fair, equal future. We should need no reason to celebrate women, but since we have one today, Happy Women's Day!   To read about Tamanna Bano, a girl we helped in need, click here.