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Working Teenagers

-Gramiksha • July 30, 2017

Teenagers also known as the YOUTH are the future of any nation. This word in itself is a personification of energy, passion, dreams, vigor, spirit and hard work. A young individual ready to do anything for his/her dreams, restlessly fighting to prove his worth to the society and his family. The transit period from carefree childhood to responsible adult plays a pivotal role in every individual’s life. But what path should they take to prove themselves; and thus the question arises, should teenagers work? The concept of teenagers working is widely prevalent in many countries where youngsters start early to gain some hands-on experience of the life ahead. They not only learn valuable lessons of life but also the confidence to push through. In this journey, they also gain interpersonal and communication skills, while developing a strong work-life balance, learn value of money and time management. This way they’re able to build their resume early-on and are ready to face the hostile scenarios life may put across in the future. In India, however, this concept of youngsters working alongside their education is still in its budding stage. Those who work also, only have the aim to sustain their livelihood. They are hardly concerned about the experience they might gain in the process. Hence they lag behind in this cutthroat, competitive world. They should however understand that our nation and society have huge expectations from them as they are the building blocks for any nation’s technological, financial and spiritual development. There are definitely two distinct sides to the argument on whether teenagers should work or not, the cons being increased stress levels, distraction from academics and shortening their innocent childhood. It is a debatable topic and the decision to work depends on the moral, mental and financial condition of the teenager. But it is always a boon to an individual and to society whenever a youth gathers for a positive purpose and for the sake of others. Regardless of your outlook, the golden rule for success states-  
If you want to shine like the SUN, first learn how to burn like the SUN