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A kid in the street who won’t take defeat

-Gramiksha • July 30, 2017

We often encounter situations in life where we don’t like where things are heading and we feel so disturbed that the situation gets on our nerves. Such an incident took place when I met a child who was terribly alone and exposed in his life. This is the story of an 11 year old boy, Prashant (Golu). I met him as a part of my project, Jagrukta, during my internship at Gramiksha. Oh, what innocent souls kids are! I could have chosen several other kids but the moment I saw him sitting there in his own wilderness, I was almost automatically driven towards him. Seemingly, in his worn out flip flops and shabby clothes, he carried a sense of level-headedness in him. Well, experiences made him into what he today is. Apart from the world of the rich and the affluent, there exist a class of people who, we refer to as ‘poor’ or ‘deprived’. Quite obviously, Golu was a part of the latter group but he did not share one noticeable attitude with them which exponentially increased my fondness for him. He never craved that which he did not have. We always long for things we don’t possess- greed is an attribute almost ingrained in us humans. But no, this little boy wasn’t up for any free lunches. He wasn’t the kind of street kid who would beg and run after the mob aimlessly for his survival. When I dug further into his personal details, I was moved beyond my expectations. A Mother is the most valuable gift from God, and when she leaves, the world hell for most. So why would the same not be true for Golu! Afterall, he was just an 8 year old with minimal support of his father. Situations became even more unfavourable for him when his father remarried. His step mother did not get along with the children and emotionally and physically abused him. He was attached to his younger siblings but not to the hostile environment he was in. So, he decided to step out and find himself a new home, and he most certainly did - THE STREETS! The pathway became his abode and not once did he complain or cry about his misfortunes. He was perfectly content in his new residence, and never expressed a desire to have more in any respect,   He did not have anyone he could relate to for company and was thus not fond of anyone around him per se. He would distance himself from any kind of social relationships and I could locate only one friend who tried to accompany Golu, despite his resistance. Friendship like this is hard to find these days! He doesn’t go back home and when he rarely does, it is a rare moment of regret for him. He doesn’t beg at all in spite of his adverse circumstances. That’s what I like about him! He works at a local lemonade vendor and gets through his life sitting at the sidewalks in his own little world. Gramiksha The abuse and deprivation that he suffered crushed any sense of identity or hope and made him initially question whether life was worth living or not. But he has not given up on it. He did not involve himself in several vices that many like him often do and believes firmly in his religion. Examples of this kind are difficult to find in today’s day and age where newspapers are filled with with reports of children indulging in unlawful and immoral activities. With time, I hope to see a greater light and development in his life. I am so happy to have made Prashant the subject for my case study. Surely, experiences of this kind are hard to come by. I am sure that the VICTIM in him is capable of being a VICTOR over the hatred that tried to destroy him. With determination, and willingness to help these children and socialize with them, this transformation is attainable.