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Fly High

-Gramiksha • July 30, 2017

Today in the Manthan session, the classrooms were painted with a new air of excitement; the kids were learning about First-Aid with the mentors demonstrating the working theory of the medical box. With regards to environment, we discussed types of pollution and the black effect they are leaving on the atmosphere. The children also had fun sheets related to the above topics and such topics which were always considered a monotonous discussion for the students, for the first time were enjoyed and fathomed by the students.  Out of the box we also introduced a personality development session to embellish and sharpen those kids as much as we could. Considering the present need for a morally uplifted society we even had a fruitful discussion on moral values. In the society today we not only need some doctors or entrepreneurs but also some good humans without whom the picture of our society is incomplete. It’s a must for the developing generation to recognize the need for moral values embedded in their characters.  That was all for the Manthan session and the Rainbow session proceeded with Dance, Skits, Art & Craft, Science models , games and the best in the row-F.U.N. !  
A little innocence sparkling in that pair of little eyes, wrapped in fragrance of joy and fervor and a waving desire to learn.
That's all for the day, all I hope is that these students someday ruffle their wings and fly high.