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Child Education: Helping Children Help Themselves

Read about an incident related to Gramiksha's creative pursuit in child education as well as the indomitable spirit of our children, who surprise us every day! ...Read More

International Women's Day: One of 365 Wo

At Gramiksha, we impact women and women impact us. This International Women's Day, read about how we...Read More

Why Gramiksha's Story is unlike any you'

Hear a never-before-heard account of Gramiksha's story, including excerpts from our co-founder, on w...Read More

Heritage Walk - A Day to Remember

An account of a truly special and heartwarming day spent by Gramiksha volunteers with underprivilege...Read More

Tamanna – A sound of deafening silence

She had dreams, desires and aspirations. But there was something which kept her from opening her wi...Read More

Working Teenagers

Teenagers : The word in itself is a personification of energy, passion, dreams, vigor, spirit and ha...Read More

Fly High

Today in the Manthan session, the classrooms were painted with a new air of excitement; the kids wer...Read More

A kid in the street who won’t take def

An incident took place when I met a child who was terribly alone and exposed in his life....Read More