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Child Education: Helping Children Help T

Read about an incident related to Gramiksha's creative pursuit in child education as well as the ind...Read More

International Women's Day: One of 365 Wo

At Gramiksha, we impact women and women impact us. This International Women's Day, read about how we...Read More

Why Gramiksha's Story is unlike any you'

Hear a never-before-heard account of Gramiksha's story, including excerpts from our co-founder, on w...Read More

Heritage Walk - A Day to Remember

An account of a truly special and heartwarming day spent by Gramiksha volunteers with underprivilege...Read More

Tamanna – A sound of deafening silence

She had dreams, desires and aspirations. But there was something which kept her from opening her wi...Read More

Working Teenagers

Teenagers : The word in itself is a personification of energy, passion, dreams, vigor, spirit and ha...Read More

Fly High

Today in the Manthan session, the classrooms were painted with a new air of excitement; the kids wer...Read More

A kid in the street who won’t take def

An incident took place when I met a child who was terribly alone and exposed in his life....Read More